Recruitment Process


Making the right hire is no longer just matching someone with a technical specification and a job description. It is about finding someone whose value systems and approach to work matches with that of the prospective employer. For employers, the cost of making the wrong hire can be the true value of working with a strong Manpower Recruitment partner such as IOS. Development of a well-thought out client specific recruitment strategy is done to ensure that recruitment is concluded as per the quality expectations of the client.


A short-list of suitable candidates interested in your specific needs, whether it is a key direct hire or high-impact contract professional is prepared from our extensive database. IOS combines extensive research, networking and direct sourcing to find qualified candidates.

All our applicants are screened and references checked to ensure that only the right candidates with desired qualification and relevant work experience get on board.

Our panel of domain experts, gives us an unmatched strength when hiring in specialized verticals, thereby helping us to run a rigorous selection process.

After taking into consideration the volume and category of manpower we will quote the time required for recruitment. The entire recruitment process for a batch of 250 candidates takes approximately 45 days.

IOS believes in providing quality manpower. It is our endeavour to select the right candidate matching the job role requirements. In case any of our selected candidates fall below the expected standards and seems unsuitable for the job within the 3 month probationary period, we shall assist the employer in repatriation of the employee and provide replacement without any service charges.